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Born out of passion
Sunflower Technologies was founded because developing great business applications is too hard, time consuming, and expensive! Our founders had a vision of bringing simple solutions to complicated business problems.

Sunflower Technologies is a full-service technology partner, providing customers across a variety of industries with seamless, extensive IT services that deliver value, business efficiencies and boost performance. From software development to strategic consulting and a complete suite of IT services, Sunflower Technologies offers clients the full-service package.

Why Sunflower?
Our founder loves sunflower since his childhood. Sunflower is known for evoking a feeling of positivity because of their large, yellow blooms. They stand tall; taller than many other garden blooms—and always seem to perk up our moods. You may already be a fan of these familiar sunny flowers, but did you know that sunflowers can grow up to 12 feet tall in as little as six months, or how tall the current world-record holder is?

Sunflowers bring smile. They are vibrant in color and their radiance always provides optimism and joy. As the saying goes " Be like a sunflower, positive, shining and head held high. "

Services Cross Border
Sunflower Technologies is headquartered in Canada and the US with plans for new offices worldwide and partners in other parts of North America.