Sunflower Technologies is an expert in Rapid Application Development (RAD) and deployment. This allows us to produce large scale, powerful, cross-platform applications which can be developed and deployed fast, saving time and money for the client. We collaborate with Omnis Software, USA and proudly support thousands of Omnis users within North America. 

The Omnis Studio development environment gives you more power, more performance, more flexibility. Develop your apps once and deploy them to virtually any device, on any platform, without modification, including Android and iOS phones, as well as Windows and macOS desktops.

Take your business to the next level
Due to the high productivity, power and flexibility of Omnis Studio you will be able to save development resources, complete more projects in a shorter time to market and react immediately to new business requirements and evolving market and technology trends.

Why Omnis
Omnis Studio is a powerful development environment that lets you deploy apps to virtually any device, on any platform, including tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers:

  • Cross platforming for real flexibility
  • High productivity saves time & money
  • Connectivity and integration without borders
  • Multi database connectivity
  • Outstanding technical support

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